The summer transfer window has come to an end, and it has been quite a busy time for the club. The main transfer of the season was the signing of the Brazilian midfielder, Luan. He has already shown his qualities, and his performance in the Premier League has been really impressive.
The Portuguese player is a real star in the Brazilian national team. He is able to make the difference in the game, and he is a true leader. His signing has already become a sensation in the English football world, and now the club is eager to get him.
However, it is difficult to make a prediction about the future of the player, because the club has a number of other interesting signings. Among them are:
1. Ndombele;
2. De Jong;
3. Nkunku.
Of course, the first two are already known, but the third one is a surprise. The player has already been in the team for a few seasons, and the club doesn’t want to lose him. The club is also interested in the young midfielder, and they have already signed him. He will join the club from the Royal academy, and will become a key player in the club’s lineup.

The club has already started to work on the transfer, and is trying to get the player in a new team. The transfer will cost about 100 million pounds, so it is a good investment. The signing of Ndombéle will be a good chance for the team to get a new attacking midfielder.
It is also worth noting that the club also has interest in the midfielder, De Jong. The Dutchman has already played in the first team for several seasons, so he will be able to prove himself.
Will the Tottenham Hotspur get the best out of the young players?
This summer, the club managed to sign a number one goalkeeper, and this is a great achievement. The goalkeeper is a young player, and already he is able of performing at a high level. The young goalkeeper is called, and we will see how he will perform in the future.
In addition, the team also signed a number two, and a number three. The first player will be the goalkeeper, but it is possible that the second one will be an additional goalkeeper. The third player will become the leader of the team, and also will be important for the future development of the club, because he will have to solve the problems of the defense.
This season, the Tottenham team managed to win the champion title, which is a very good result. The team has a lot of interesting players, and there is no doubt that in the near future they will be very active in the transfer market.
Who will be Tottenham’’ best performers in the next season?
It will be extremely difficult for the Spurs to get into the Champions League, because they have a number 1 in the starting line. The players have to be ready for any competition, because this is the main goal of the new season.
One of the main goals of the Tottenham is to win gold medals, and in the new championship it will be really difficult. The Spurs have a lot to do, and if the team manages to win all the cups, it will become one of the most successful clubs in the world.
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All the latest information on Tottenham Hotspurs
The new season of the English Premier League is about to begin, and Tottenham Hotspaurs is one of its main competitors. The new season will be especially interesting for fans, because it will see the changes on the field, and many players will be leaving the club for other teams.
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Fans can follow Tottenham Hotspot on the site of sports statisticians. The data on the results is updated regularly, and here you can find out the latest results of matches.
New Tottenham Hotspots in the season
The team is really active in transfer market, and so far they have managed to get several interesting players. Among the most interesting transfers are:
1). Ndombo. The Portuguese player has been a key member of the first line for several years, and has become a real leader. He was a key defender for the previous Spurs, and for this reason he was considered one of their main competitors for the title.
2). De Jong, who is a talented young player. He already has a good experience in the national team, so the club can use him as a leader.
3). Nkumbu. The midfielder has already had a few years in the Tottenham, and can be considered a key person of the squad.
4). Nsiram. The defender has already managed to become a leader of a team.
5). Devante. The Nigerian player has a long career, and at the moment he is the leader in the line of the Portuguese.

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