Liverpool has been in the Champions League for almost a decade, and the Reds have won the trophy a number of times. However, the team’s form has been quite unstable, and this has been reflected in the transfer market.
The Reds have been active in the summer transfer market, but the main priority of the club is to strengthen the team. The main transfer targets of the Merseysiders are:
1. “Borussia” Dortmund;
2. ” Manchester United”;
3. Ajax.
However, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The club is still in the middle of the Champions league, and it is not very convincing in the domestic arena.

The transfer market is quite active, and Liverpool is one of the main favorites of the season. The team has a numberof interesting options, and we will see how they will affect the team in the future.
Who will leave the Mersey?
The main transfer target of the Reds is “Manchester United’. The Red Devils are quite unstable in the current season, and their chances of winning the title are not very high. However the club has a good squad, and if the players are motivated, they can achieve good results.
“Bundes” are also a good option for the Merseeds. The Bundesliga is quite popular among fans of the Red Devils, and they have a good chance of winning. The problem is that the team needs to improve its results in order to be able to compete with the main rivals of the title.
Also, the club needs to strengthen its defense, which is not the best in the world. The only option for “United” is to sell one of its main players, but it is unlikely that the club will be able do this.
It is quite difficult to predict who will be the main transfer candidate of the Liverpool team. However it is quite possible that the Reds will buy a new goalkeeper, or another player for the defense. The players are quite motivated, and can achieve great results in the upcoming season.
Main transfer news for the season
The current season of the English Premier League has already shown that the teams are quite unpredictable. The Reds are not the only team that is interested in strengthening the defense, but they are not in the best shape.
In the current campaign, the Red devils have a number 1 and 2 defenders, but no other defenders. The lack of defenders has a negative effect on the defense of the defense and the team can not be considered as a real contender for the title of the strongest team in England.
Another problem of “Liverpool” in the English championship is the bad form of the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the “Red” has not been able to save the team from the danger of the defeat. The failure of the player is quite obvious, because the team lost the first round of the championship.
This failure is another proof that the players of the “Liverpool” do not have a strong motivation. It is quite likely that the Merseleds will not be able compete with their main rivals in the long run.
Will “Arsenal” be able fight for the champion title?
In recent years, the Gunners have become a real favorite of the EPL. The current season has already demonstrated that the Gunns are not invincible, and there is a good possibility that they will be defeated in the end.
Among the main competitors of the Gunn is ”Manchester United.” The Red devils are quite weak in the defense zone, and “Man U” can not compete with them. The Gunns have a quite good goalkeeper, who is able to make a number1. However “A.’ are not so strong in the team, and will not have enough motivation to fight for a long time.
At the end of the current championship, the ”Arsenal’ has a chance to win the champion. The squad of Arsene Wenger is quite strong, and many players have good experience. The coach has chosen the right tactics, and has managed to make the team fight for every ball.
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Latest transfers news from around the world
The English Premier league is quite interesting for fans of both the teams and players. The season is quite young, and a lot of interesting transfers have already been made.
One of the most interesting transfers is the acquisition of ”Boruss”. The player is a young player, who has already scored a number in the national championship. The transfer is quite good, because it will allow the team to strengthen a number 2 position.
There are also interesting transfers that can be done to strengthen other positions of the Arsenal. The coaching staff has managed a good transfer campaign, and have managed to acquire a number 4. The young player is able, thanks to his experience, to make quick decisions.
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