Chelsea have been in the Champions League for almost a year now, and the team has already won the competition once. The team has also been in top-4 for a long time, which is a good sign for the future.
In the current season, the team is still not at its peak, but it is already in a good position. It is also worth noting that the team’s main rivals in the fight for the title are Liverpool and Manchester City.
The Blues have a good lineup, and it is not surprising to see the team in the top-3. The main problem of the team at the moment is the lack of motivation, which can be seen in the fact that the players are not in the best shape. However, the players have the potential to improve their situation, and this is what they need to do.

The team has a good bench, which allows it to play with the main rivals of the title. The Chelsea players are able to use this advantage to their advantage and win the fight against the teams that are in the lead.
Latest Chelsea results
The current season of the Champions league has already shown that the main problem for the team was the lack motivation. The players were not in a great shape, and they did not show their best game. However it is obvious that the current Chelsea players will not be able to solve this problem.
However, the main thing is that the Chelsea players have a strong lineup, which will allow them to fight for gold medals. The current Chelsea lineup includes:
Β· Jorginho;
Β·0.4. Willian;
0.5. Diego Costa;
1. Pedro;
2. Eden Hazard;
3. Frank Lampard.
This lineup is quite good, and many teams would be happy to have such a lineup.
It is worth noting, that the lineup of the Chelsea team is quite similar to the lineup that the Manchester City has. The City lineup is very strong, and there are many players who can play in the attack. However the City lineup also includes a good amount of defensive players.
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Main favorites of the season
The main favorites of this season are:
1) Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a very good lineup. The lineup includes the following players:
β€’ Gerrard;
β€’0.1.0. Gerrard.
β€’1.1 Sterling;
-0.2.0 Firmino;
4.0 Coutinho;
5.0 Moreno.
2) Manchester City, which has a similar lineup to Liverpool.
3) Chelsea. The club has a strong bench, and all the players can play.
4) Real Madrid. The Royal Club has a very strong lineup. It includes:
β€’2.1 Ramos;
7.0 Ramos.
5) Barcelona. The Catalans have a great lineup. This is the best example of which the team can be compared to. The roster of the club includes: Ramos, Messi, Suarez, Suarez.
6) Juventus. The Turin club has an excellent lineup. Among the main favorites, you should also note the following:
0,1.2 Modric;
8.0 Vidal;
9.0 Pogba.
7,8 Kepa.
9,10 Pogba;
11.0 Kep.
12.0 Kroos;
13.0 Aubameyang;
14.0 Sanchez.
15.0 Sane.
16.0 Aguero;
17.0 Alonso;
18.0 Bernat.
19.0 Thiago Silva.
20.0 Silva.
This is a great squad that can fight for a place in the next Champions league.
Real Madrid and PSG in the race for the champion title
The season of La Liga has come to an end, and now it is time to see who will be the main favorite of the tournament. The teams that have a chance of winning the title include:
* Real Madrid;
* PSG;
The first two teams have a similar roster, and their lineup is a little bit different. However both teams have the main advantage of having a good number of players who are able of scoring goals.
Many people have already predicted the winner of the champion league, and Real Madrid has a chance to win the title, but the team needs to do its best in every match. This can be done by the following factors:
● Good selection of players on the field;

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