The match between Juventus and Barcelona will be held on the 28th of August. The score of the game is 1: 0. The game started with a score of 1: 1, but after a long break, the score was 1: 2. The teams played for a long time until the end of the first half.
In the second half, the game became more tense, but the result was the same. The final score was 2: 1. The first half of the match was quite successful for the teams, but in the second one, the team of Allegri was not able to finish the game.
The main goal of the teams is the Champions League. The season of the competition is not going well for the Bianco-Neri, but they have a good chance to win the tournament.

The team of Zidane is considered as the main favorite of the tournament, but Juventus is not far behind. The team of the Coach Allegri is considered to be the main rival of the Turin giants.
It is easy to follow the scores of the games of the Serie A and the Champions Cup. The results of the matches are available on the sports statistics website.
Juventus’ chances of winning the Champions league
The season of Champions League is not very successful for Juventus. The coach of the team, Turco Allegri, has not been able to achieve the desired results. The club is not in a good shape, but Allegri has been able not to change the situation.
Despite the fact that the team has not won the Champions trophy for a year, the fans still consider the club as one of the main favorites of the season. The main goal for the team is the victory in the group stage.
However, the season of this competition is very difficult for the club. The following teams are considered as competitors of Juventus:
* Barcelona;
* Liverpool;
* Napoli;
* Real Madrid.
All of them have a chance to qualify for the next stage of the Champions tournament. The last time the club won the tournament was in 1996.
Main favorite of this season is Barcelona. The Catalans have a very good squad, but it is not easy to play against the team from Turin.
Liverpool is another team that is considered a real contender for the victory. The Merseysiders have a pretty good lineup, but their game is not as good as the other teams.
Napoli is a team that has recently won the Europa League. However, the club has not yet won the cup.
You can follow the results of all the matches on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time.
Live score of Juventus vs Barcelona
The fans of the club are very happy with the results that have been achieved for the last season. Allegri managed to win a place in the Champions’ League zone, but he has not managed to get into the next round.
This season, the Turineses have a lot of problems with injuries. The most serious of them is the fact the club is losing its leading player, Mario Mandzukic. The player is not able for the long distance, and the club does not have a replacement for him.
Barcelona is the main contender for winning the title. The players of the Catalans are very confident, and they are ready to fight for the gold medals.
Moreover, the main star of the Spanish team is Messi. The Argentine is considered the best player of the world. He is able to decide the fate of the confrontations, and he is always ready to give his all.
Also, the players of Juventus have a high chance of winning gold medals, because the team plays very well. The fans of Turin are very satisfied with the performance of the players.
If the team wins, it will be the first victory of the coach Allegri in the history of the championship.
What to expect from the game of Juventus?
The club of Allegre has a good lineup. The squad of the Italian coach has a very high level of performance. The leaders of the squad are able to show their maximum in every game. The problem of the Bianconeri is the lack of motivation.
Many fans are waiting for the game against Liverpool. The Reds are considered the main rivals of the Juventus, but this time, the victory is not so easy for the Catalonians.
At the moment, the Catalons have a better chance to get to the next level. The previous season, they did not make it to the Champions cup. However the players are confident about the game, and this time they will not give up.
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Where to find the scores for the Juventus vs Barca?
It’s easy to find out the scores on the site of sports information. The users have the opportunity to see the results in real-time mode.
There are a lot events in the Serie a, so it is important to follow all the results. You can find the results for the games that are held in the stadium of the city of Turines.
During the season, Juventus has a lot problems with injury. The leading player of Allegro, Mandzuki, is not playing well.

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