Manchester United are in the middle of a difficult season, and the Portuguese coach is aware of it. The Red Devils have lost a lot of points, and this is not good for their results. Mourinho is trying to improve the situation, and he is trying not to let his team lose points in the face of the opponent.

The Portuguese coach has already said that the team needs to improve its level. The previous season, the team was not able to win the Champions League. However, the current season is not as bad as the previous one, because the team managed to win at the Europa League.
The Mourinho’s team is still in the Europa zone, but it is not the best place to be. The team is in the 4th place, and it is far from the top. The United have a lot to improve, because they have a long way to go.
However, the coach is confident about the future of his team. The Portuguese coach believes that the club can win the Premier League again. The club is in a good shape, and Mourinho is confident that the Red Devils will be able to fight for the title.
All Premier League Live Results
The current season of the English Premier League is going to be a real test for the team. It is very difficult to win all the matches, because there are many strong opponents.
In the current campaign, Manchester United is the main contender for the champion title. The main rival of the Red devils is Tottenham Hotspur. The Spurs have a good lineup, and they are ready to fight against the Red Devil’s team.
Despite the fact that the Spurs have the best lineup of all the teams, the Redford’s team managed not to win any matches. However the team is very confident, and is ready to win.
Manchester City is the second team, and its main competitor is Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a decent lineup, too, but the Red-and-Blues have the strongest lineup of the teams.
It is very important for the club to win every match, because it has a long and tough season ahead.
Live Results of the Premier league
The English Premier league is very interesting, and every match is a real challenge for the teams that are trying to win gold medals. The season has already ended, and there was a lot that can be said about it.
One of the most interesting events of the season was the Champions league final, which was held in Kiev. The final was a real shock for the fans, because in the previous season the team of Manchester United was the main favorite of the tournament.
After the final, the leaders of the club were removed, and other players were chosen. The first one was Cristiano Ronaldo, who became the best player of the year.
At the end of the campaign, the Portuguese player managed to score a lot, and his goal was a hat-trick. This was a great achievement for the player, and also a great result for the Red and Blacks.
Now, the club is ready for the new season, because this time they have the main chance to win a lot. The squad of Mourinho is very strong, and if the team manages to win, it will be a great success.
Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the current championship is the fight for a place in the Champions club tournament. This is a competition for the best clubs in the world, and each club has to finish in the top-4.
This year, the main contenders for the place in this tournament are:
1. Manchester United. The Old Trafford club is a clear favorite of all competitions. The players are very confident and motivated, and are ready for any challenge.
2. Liverpool. This team is a great example of how a team can be transformed into a champion. The Reds have a great lineup, which can be called the best in the history of the championship.
3. Tottenham Hotspurs. The Tottenham Hotspaurs are the main rival, but they have also a good squad.
4. Chelsea. The Chelsea players are in a very good shape and are able to perform well in all competitions that they take part in.
Of course, Manchester City is a close second. The Citizens have a strong lineup, but their results are not always good.
That is why it is so important for Manchester United to win in the current tournament. The Premier league table is a good indicator of the results of the team, because if the club does not win in all tournaments, then it will not be able win the champion trophy.
How to Follow the Results of Premier league?
The Champions League is the most important tournament of the EPL. The current season has been a real struggle for the victory of the trophy, and now the main favorites are: Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspot.
If the team from United is not able win all competitions, then the club will not get the champion cup. This will be another proof of the fact, that the Old Trafford team is not in a great shape.
There are a lot events that can happen in the season, so it is important to follow the results on the reliable website. The data provided here is updated regularly, and you will not miss anything important.

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