The Portuguese coach has already managed to win the Premier League and the Champions League, so he is considered as one of the main favorites in the fight for the title.
However, the Red Devils are not the only team in the world that needs a new coach. Manchester United has been in the middle of a crisis for a long time, and the previous coach, Jose Mourinho, was not able to solve the problem.
The previous season, the team was in the Champions league zone, but lost to Barcelona. The previous season was a failure for the team, but the current season is a success.
So, the main question is: can Mourinho be the right choice for the Red devils?
The answer to this question is a definite “No”. The Portuguese coach is not the right person for the club, because he does not understand the mentality of the team and the way of playing.
In the current campaign, the players are trying to win trophies, but Mourinho does not give them the necessary motivation.

The main problem of the Portuguese coach was the failure of the defense. The team was ranked second in the Premier league, but it was not enough to defend the title and win the Champions trophy.
Moreover, the defense was not the best in the Old Trafford, and it was almost impossible to stop the opponents’ attacks.
It is obvious that the team needs a change of coach, because the previous one was not successful.
What do the fans think about Mourinho?
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Manchester United’s chances of winning the title
Now the Red Devil’ss chances of the title are not so good. The club has not won the Premier title for a few years, so it is necessary to change the coach. However, Mourinho is not a good choice for Manchester United.
First of all, it should be noted that the Portuguese is not an excellent coach. He has a bad experience with the club. The Red Devils did not win the European Cup, and they lost the Champions tournament.
Also, the previous season the team lost to Chelsea in the final, which is a failure of its own.
Thus, the fans have a right to say that the chances of Mourinho are not very high.
Will the team manage to win gold medals again?
It’ll be very difficult for Mourinho to get the club to the Champions cup, because it is a very important tournament. However it is possible to win it, but only if the team manages to win at least one trophy. This is the main goal of the club’sls.
As for the Premier, it’d be a great achievement for the Portuguese to get it, because in the last season the club managed to finish in the first place.
Another problem of Mourinho’ s team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing points and want to win.
If the team doesn’t manage to get into the Champions club, then it will be very hard for the coach to get a new job.
Main rivalries of the season
In general, the season has been very successful for the Manchester United, because there are several rivalries that can be used to strengthen the team.
One of the most important competitions is the fight against Liverpool. The Reds have a good team, which can be considered as the main rival of the Red team. The main goal for the Reds is to win all the trophies of the Premier.
Liverpool is a strong team that can defeat the Manchester united in the battle for the gold medals. The fight for gold medals is very important, because this is the club that is considered to be the main contender for the Champions title. The Liverpool team is a real favorite of the fans, because they have a lot of experience in the international arena.
At the same time, the Reds have some weaknesses that can affect the fight in the long run. The most obvious one is the defense, which has not been very effective for a while.
Despite the fact that the Reds are a strong squad, the Manchester team has a lot to improve. The defense is a major problem, because many of the players have not yet fully recovered from the injury.
Many of the leaders of the Reds, who were injured for a number of years, are not able yet to participate in the matches.
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