The transfer of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid has been a long time coming. The Welshman has been at the club for over a decade, and the team has always been a main contender for the title. However, the last few years have been quite unsuccessful for the Royal Club, and they have not managed to win any trophies.

The club has already started to lose points in the domestic arena, and now they are not in the best shape. The fans are not happy with the fact that the team is not able to win the Champions League, and there is a real risk that Real Madrid will not be able to defend the coveted trophy.
So, the club is unlikely to win gold medals in the Champions league, and it is obvious that the situation is not going to get any better. The management of the club has to make some changes, and this is what they are doing.
The main problem of the team this season is the lack of motivation, and that is why they are losing points at a record pace. The players are tired of losing points, and even the coach is not very optimistic about the future of the Royal club.
Will Real Madrid be able win the next season?
The management of Real Madrid is aware of the fact, and is trying to find a solution to the problem. It is obvious, that the club will not win the title, and if they do not manage to win it, then the fans will not forgive them for the last season.
It is obvious too that the management is trying hard to find an alternative solution to win a place in the top 4, and in order to do this, they will have to make a number of changes to the team.
One of the main problems of the current season is that the players are not motivated enough. The team has been in the middle of the standings for a long period of time, and many of the players have not been in great shape.
That is why the management has to find the best way of improving the results of the Madrid team, and so far it has been trying to do that by signing a number players.
Among the most promising players who will help the Royal team in the near future are:
* Gareth Bale;
* Sergio Ramos;
* Isco;
* Casemiro.
These players are able to help the team to win trophies, and will be able not only to improve the results, but also to improve their level of motivation.
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What are the chances of Real to win La Liga?
Now, the Royal Madrid team is in a really bad shape, and all the players of the squad are tired. The previous season, the team managed to finish in the first position, but it is not the same this year.
However, the main problem is the fact the team does not have a good selection of players in the starting line-up. This is the main reason for the fact they are in the position they are at the moment.
In the current campaign, the players from the Royal squad are not able not to lose their shape, which is a good sign for the team’s chances of winning the title this year and in the future.
Another problem for the Madrid club is the bad form of the leaders. The main problem for Isco is his injury, which has not been fully resolved for a few months now.
All this makes it difficult for the Spanish team to fight for the victory in the championship. However they are still a good team, which can fight for a place at the top of the European football. The Royal team is still one of the best in the world, and can be considered as one of those teams that can challenge the top clubs.
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