The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus has been one of the most talked about transfers in the world for a long time. The Portuguese has become one of Europe’s best players and now he is one of only a few players who have won the Champions League for three times.
However, the main question is: can Real Madrid buy the best player in the history of the club?
Gareth Bale is one player who can answer this question. The Welshman has already won the Premier League and the Champions Cup, so he is a real star in the Real Madrid lineup.
The club’ll have to pay a high price for this, because the player is worth more than 100 million euros. However, the price is not so high as it looks. The Madrid team has a lot of stars, so they can buy Bale for a reasonable price.
Will Real Madrid be able to buy Gareth Bale?
The main thing is that the player will have to sign a contract that will allow the club to buy him for a certain amount of money. The transfer of the Welshman will be a real surprise for many fans, because many experts say that the club will not be able buy the player.
In addition, the club has to pay for the transfer of Bale, but they have a lot more money than the price of the player, so it is not possible to pay the price. The main thing for the club is to buy a new goalkeeper, because there are only a couple of them left in the team.
Real Madrid will have a tough time, because it is difficult to buy the star player, but the club can still win the Champions league. The team has the best lineup in the Spanish championship, so the club� can easily win the European cups.

Will Cristiano leave Real Madrid?
Cristiano Ronaldo is one the best players in the Premier league. He is the best scorer of the tournament, and he has already scored more goals than Messi and Suarez. The player has become the best in the club and the world, so many clubs are interested in signing him.
There is a chance that Ronaldo will leave Real, but he will not leave the club. The club is not going to pay him a huge amount of cash, so there is a possibility that he will stay at the club for a few more years.
You can always follow the news about the transfer in the website of sports statistics. Here you can find all the information about the transfers of players from the Premier, Serie A and La Liga.
Who will be the main candidates for the signing of Cristian?
In the summer, many clubs will try to sign Cristiano, but Real Madrid will be one of them. The price of signing the player to the club was very high, so Real Madrid is not interested in paying such a high amount of funds.
It is possible that Cristiano will leave the team, but there is no doubt that the Portuguese will stay in the Madrid club for many more years, because he has become a real legend of the team and the club itself.
Where can you find the news on the transfers in Spain?
You should always visit the website for sports statistics of the Spanish football. Here all the news are available, so you can always learn more about the team from the world of the Premier and La liga.
This season, the Spanish team will face a lot, because they will play against the main favorites of the championship, Real Madrid. The last time the club played against the team was in the Champions final, so this will be another match of the struggle for the title.
If Cristiano leaves Real Madrid, then the club may lose one of its main stars, but it will still be able win the title, because Madrid is a great team. The Spanish championship is very interesting, because every year the club plays against the teams from the lower divisions.
What will Cristiano’ s future hold?
It will be very difficult for Cristiano to leave the Madrid team, because this player is a legend of his club. In addition, he is also a good player, who can be bought for a very reasonable price, so Madrid will not have to spend a lot.
Consequently, the team will be able not only to win the championship of Spain, but also to win many other trophies.
How can you follow the Spanish Championship?
There are many ways to follow the football news. You can use the Internet, because all the data are available there. You should also visit the sports statistics website, where you will find all information about football matches.
Thanks to the information provided by the website, you will be always aware of the changes in the standings of the game. The information is updated in real time, so all fans will be aware of all the changes.
Now, the fans can follow the results of the matches of the La Liga and the Premier. You will also find the results from other championships, because here all the fans will find the latest information.
Football is a sport that is loved by many people from all over the world. It is a game that is played by millions of fans, so now it is easy to follow all the results on the website.

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