Serbia has been in the Euro zone for a long time, but it’s still not easy to understand the results of the national team. The team has the following problems:
1. Lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape, and they want to win the Euro, but they don’t have the right to do it.
2. Lackadaisical training. The coach always has to change the team’ players, but the coach doesn’ t have the time to do this.
3. Lack the most important thing, the players’ skills. The national team has a good level of football players, and it”s not easy for them to play at the highest level, because the competition is very high.
4. Lack a good coach. The previous coach, Slobodanka Jankovic, was not the best, and the team doesn”t have a good understanding with her.
5. Lack professionalism. The club has a long bench, and only the best players are allowed to play.
Serbs are not the strongest team in the world, but this doesn“t mean that they can” not to win. They have a chance to win, but only if they will improve the following things:
* motivation of the players;
* training;
• good coaching skills.
The team has been playing in the national championship for several years, and many players have already won a gold medal. It”ll be very difficult for them, because they”re playing against the best teams in the country.
It” s important to remember that the team has an excellent chance to get into the European zone. In the next season, the team will have a lot of new players, so it“s necessary to make the necessary adjustments.

Serbian national team results
The national team of Serbia has a very good level, and this is one of the main reasons why they are considered one of Europe’ s best teams.
In the last season, they were in the top 4, and in the next one they will be in the second line. The main goal of the team is to get to the Euro Cup zone.
This season, it‘s very difficult to follow the results, because there”ve been a lot changes in the team, and now it‚s much easier to follow them.
Now, the main goal for the team was to get a place in the Champions League zone. They managed to do that, and a good part of the season was played in the Europa League zone, too.
However, the club has not been in a good shape for a few months, and there are still some problems with the players. It is necessary to improve the level of the club, and to do so, it is necessary for the club to have a new coach.
All the latest news on the team
The club has been trying to find a new head coach for a couple of years. It was Slobodan Janković, who left the club in December, and who was replaced by the former coach of the Serbian national team, Slaviša Jankulov.
Jankovic was the coach of Serbia for a number of years, but he had a bad experience with the national squad, and he left the country, so he couldn’T find a good place in his new job.
Slaviš has a lot experience in the football field, and his experience is very important for the Serbian team. He”d like to get the best results, and at the same time, he” ll do his best to improve his team.
At the moment, the Serbian football team is in the first line, and if they’ll keep this position, they“ll be able to get in the European Cup zone, and then they‚ll be in a position to get some medals.
Follow the results on the sports statistics website
The website of sports statistics is very convenient, because you can find out the results in a few clicks. It gives information about the matches of the teams, and about the players of the clubs.
One of the most interesting moments of the football season was the match between the team of Sloboda and the club of Slavički. The match was very interesting, because it was the first time that the club from Slobode played against the team from Slavi.
During the match, the results were quite unexpected, and after the end of the game, the fans of both teams were surprised. The first one was the fact that the Slobodi team managed to score a goal, but then the fans noticed that the ball was in the goal of Slavica.
After the goal, the Slavi team was able to score another goal, and so they managed to get three points.
As for the Slobo team, they managed not to get any points, but that doesn‚t mean they can not get into a good position. The situation is quite difficult, because in the match with Slavico, the coach decided to change his players, because he didn’tt know how to play with them.

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